by Paweł Jońca


Coffee-tea-vity # 22: Embracing Change

Working around a limited schedule and finding time to do everything as much as possible on given days are my daily struggles. I now wake up with a 6:30am alarm (I have never used an alarm and I generally wake up early), head to the gym or catch up on freelance work on mornings before heading to the office. I’m not complaining; I like that I do a lot of things - the challenge will forever lie on how to allocate time properly.

The last weeks of June, in squares:

  • Managed to spontaneously have some me time two weekends ago over Craft’s iced mocha (which is heaven by the way) and life planning. Always a good feeling to write down thoughts and ideas.
  • These beauties from graduation day c/o Mom - they spent a week making my workspace extra lovely. <3
  • Currently reading Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan - you know it’s a good (e)book when you can’t seem to put it down (and managing to read a book given my schedule, lol).
  • These sweet treats from Love, Agnessi (@loveagnessi) made my weekend extra special. :-)
  • I told myself I’m really working on eating better now but but it’s my boss’ work anniversary the other day so we had Yabu for lunch (I haven’t eaten here in so long). Their Special Katsudon is delicious. Weekday picker upper right there!
  • Spent a few Sundays ago shooting my friends at Ninoy Aquino Wildlife - such a nice quaint place to catch the sunset and have a picnic (only for P8!). Worked behind the lens today and I had an amazing time! I’ll share the photos soon.

Every day I’ve been learning lots of new things - and I’m pretty downright grateful for life so far. I *hope* this mindset becomes consistent. There are still a lot of things to work on and my adaptation to change has to eventually make its way soon.

In other news, I’m leaving in a few days! I cannot wait for THE big adventure.

How has June been for you? Hope it went as swell as mine. :)



Shakespeare Chalk Drawings by Farago Design.